"The opportunity to create, to make a difference, to work towards something you believe in, with people that you care about, is extremely rare and special. We are so grateful to have the opportunity to do this each and every day."

- Denny King, President

Our Goal.

Our goal each day is to make a positive difference in the lives of each other, our retailers, our vendors, and our business partners.

Our Mantra.

Our Mantra is "Be Mindful." We strive each day to live in the present moment. To be mindful. To be right here, right now. As we increase our awareness through mindfulness, our quality of thought and action grow significantly. This provides us the ability to reach our potential.

Our Products.

Whether it's findings, accents, or tools from our Cousin D.I.Y! division or on-trend jewelry and fashion accessories from our Laura Janelle division, our products are developed with extensive trend research and data intelligence. From publications to paid trend resources, fashion trade shows to the runways, we are constantly gathering and analyzing data from around the world to make sure we are "on trend" all the time.

Trend & Data Intelligence.


Being "On Trend" all the time is our goal on every single item we develop. We utilize the top global trend reporting agencies Fashion Snoops and WGSN and harness the power of their 100's of experts and researchers worldwide. Their amazing data, along with attending countless fashion shows worldwide, provides our teams with the insight and resources to reach their goal of being "on trend" all the time.

Data-Advanced store statistics

Our POS Analysis Methodology (PAM) is a proven data intelligence tool that delivers clear direction on product recommendations. The results are always backed up by hard data that answers the question, "Why?". When adding or deleting specific items from a program, this system provides confidence that the right decisions are being made on the best products to maximize the opportunity.